Published: 30 May 2022 Updated: 24 October 2022

Australia needs to control carp – we’re working on how.

Carp are pest fish from Europe. They’ve taken over our rivers like rabbits: they’re an ecological disaster on a massive scale.

Every day that carp remain in our rivers is an insult. It’s an insult to our beautiful native fish, our rivers and our country.

Controlling carp will help Australia restore native biodiversity and rebuild regional communities, by improving our environment and our economy.

The National Carp Control Plan is a $15 million Australian Government initiative, led by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

We’re investigating how carp impacts could be controlled using a suite of integrated measures, including a species-specific virus that’s in 33 other countries.

We’re keenly aware of the scientific issues, ecological implications, logistical challenges and community views relating to controlling carp.

That awareness is driving a significant program of research, risk assessment, and public consultation.

Our hope is to unify Australians in a national effort to control carp, restore native biodiversity and reclaim our rivers.

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